​​Pets are most contented in their own home. If this option is for you we will happily live-in and provide expert care for both your pets and your home for the duration of time that you are apart from your furry loved one. Because your pet is our priority we will endeavour to maintain the schedule of feeding and exercise that he is used to so that you return to a healthy and happy pet. We assess demeanour and behaviour as well, so if there is the slightest possibility of a health issue you will be the first to know. We will care for your plants and help keep your home more secure by collecting mail and setting out your garbage and recyclables on collection day.


This option is exclusive for YOUR dog--she is welcomed into our home as part of our family. Your furry friend will get lots of human interaction and play time as well as on-leash walks as required through the day. We ask that you provide your pet's bed, food and favourite toy to ensure her health and happiness. Because we are trained and certified, we are able to administer medications and injections if this is a requirement. This service is included in our rates.

We also offer the following services (available in Port Alberni & Nanaimo only)


We will make visits to your furry friends at their home once or twice a day to give them 30 minutes of personalized care and attention. This means providing fresh water and food and quality play/exercise time. We will clean the kitty litter and give your dog on-leash walks or yard time, whichever you prefer.


This option provides 8-hours of  exclusive care for your dog companion. We can provide pick-up and drop-off  if required and will insure that he receives his meals on schedule and that he gets quality play/exercise time. We ask that you provide your pet's favourite food and toy. This is a one day service only and is not available on an ongoing basis.

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